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Cruel and Unusual Punishment – The Shame of the Three Strikes Laws

When you begin to comprehend the egregious nature of the three strikes law, you might say our criminal justice system is hardly just and may be criminal. The three strikes law, which puts someone who has been convicted of two felonies away for life on conviction of a third crime, no matter how minor may […]

Does “Refuse to Press Charges” Have Any Meaning? California

Is it possible to refuse to press charges against someone? What if you and a friend had a night on the town and things got a little wild and you were each charged with assault – against the other. Or suppose that you and your partner’s disagreement turned physical and the police were called? And […]

Examples of Successful Cases of Police Misconduct

Police brutality is a fact of life, in Pennsylvania, as well as the rest of the nation. As long as there have been police who have power over others, there has been excessive use of force. How do you know if you have experienced police misconduct or police brutality, in the course of an investigation, […]

What Should I Tell My Children About Getting Arrested?

Just 25 years ago, one out of every 125 minors in the U.S. had one parent who was serving jail time. Today, one out of every 28 kids has a parent in jail. This is deeply troubling. The statistics raise other issues in that one of every 28 kids is Latino and one of every […]

Where Do Miranda Rights Come From?

You’ve heard the Miranda Warning expressed many times on cop shows . . . “You have the right to remain silent….” The Miranda Warning has been with us since X as a protection of certain rights following a person’s arrest. It reads as follows: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can […]

Can I Move Out of State on Parole? – California

If you’re on parole in California, you know that you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your freedom and your future, including moving out of state without permission from your parole officer. You are legally allowed to move to another state if you are on parole and your parole approves a formal request to […]


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