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How Can I Avoid Going to Jail on a Drug Charge?

In California, there are alternatives to jail time with regard to drug charges. When it comes to simple possession of a controlled substance, including methamphetamine and cocaine, you can potentially obtain a diversion and not serve jail time. Meth possession is charged under 11377 section of the California Health and Safety Code, while cocaine is […]

Prescription Drug Law Violations in California

With recent reports that more people die from prescription drug overdoses than illegal drug use, police and prosecutors in California, as elsewhere, have taken a much more serious approach to investigating and prosecuting individuals possessing or selling popular drugs without a valid prescription. If you have been charged with violating prescription drug laws, or are […]

Law Enforcement Officials Crackdown on Pot Farms

A summer-long law enforcement effort to root out marijuana cultivation in California’s heartland has resulted in 175 local and federal arrests, 400,000 seized marijuana plants across hundreds of thousands of California acres, 100 confiscated guns, and thousands of dollars in cash. These plants are not about medical marijuana, “ said U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner. “They […]

Man Pulled Over for Traffic Violation Arrested on Drug and Child Endangerment Charges

A routine traffic stop of John Ray Davis led to his arrest on drug and child endangerment charges. Apparently, after Davis was pulled over, the police came across 4.4 grams methamphetamine and some marijuana. Davis, 43, is now charged with two felonies involving possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor is related […]

Legalize Pot in California?

Advocates of legalization of pot hope 2012 will see the Golden State turn green. The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012, filed with the Attorney General of California, calls for the possession and use of marijuana by adults to be legalized.

Can Marijuana Found in an Illegal Search be Used in Court?

Under California law, marijuana or drug paraphernalia discovered in the course of an illegal search and seizure may be inadmissible as evidence. If the prosecutor’s entire case for a charge of possession, possession with intent to sell, or illegal cultivation of marijuana is based on such evidence, a judge may simply dismiss the case. If the prosecution has other evidence to support the charges, marijuana and paraphernalia confiscated in an illegal search and seizure will be excluded from the case.

Do Drug Tests Lie? California Drug Testing Laws

There are solid reasons for the controversy surrounding California drug testing laws, and for cases where drug test results were ruled inadmissible due to faulty practices: Invasion of privacy, Inaccurate tests, Illogical prejudice against casual users, False imprisonment by employers, Random testing of high school students, Initiating criminal charges on the basis of workplace testing, Illegal traffic stops. Workplace or institutional drug testing that is leveraged by an employer into malicious criminal charges.

Possession of Marijuana in California

Although California is more liberal in general regarding possession of small amounts of marijuana, it does not mean that a marijuana possession charge is something to take lightly.

Can You Avoid Jail in Marijuana Drug Charges?

If you have been arrested for or charged with a marijuana offense in California you may be worried and rightfully so. Society in general looks down on drug offenses and accordingly the laws regarding drug offenses can be harsh.


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